Katie’s work

Katie specialises in pottery and totem poles in particular. Her eye-catching totem poles stand between 2m and 3m high and are fired in a variety of colours.

“Each totem pole is totally different,” explains Katie. “They tell a story. My job is to sit down with a client and listen to the tale they want to tell. I try to get a feel for the emotions and passions behind the narrative. Then I interpret it in clay and put together a totem pole which retells their story from the bottom of the totem pole to the top (though it could always be the other way round!). It is a very collaborative affair and I am often bouncing ideas off clients and visa versa.”

Katie’s totem poles commemorate a loved one, a pet, or recount a favourite holiday, moment or travel experience. They are produced in sections about 30cm high and then are slotted together on site. Most of her totem poles are situated outside, often in people’s gardens where they can make a striking feature.

‘They are wonderfully tactile,” says Katie. “You don’t just follow the story with your eyes, you can feel it with your hands too. And they are amazing talking points. People love telling – and listening to – stories, especially one close to the heart.”

Katie undertakes private commissions and holds ceramic work shops for schools and community groups