Dyslexia and Katie

“I have my Mum to thank for nurturing my creative side; a ceramics teacher. From an early age, ceramics, creative form and the makings of them have been all around me.

I didn’t realise how much of a natural connection I had with ceramics as an art form until after I had left home. I spent a few years trying my hand at various jobs (fill in some job roles here!) but it was no good, there was an inner ceramic story teller pleading to get out!

During main stream state school education I was somewhat of a misunderstood and exuberant child…

I never quite seemed to fit or conform. My dyslexia only highlighted my feelings of being different and led to difficulties within my school life. Looking back now I feel that my creative side wasn’t valued as much as core subjects and therefore never allowed to blossom. There does seem to be this culture in main stream education that can be detrimental to the creative non-academic child.

It was later in life that I started to understand myself better and listen to the inner ceramic story teller inside. I took up my creative studies at the age of 23, I studies Art and Design at Brighton and Hove City College.

For the first time in my life I excelled at something other than acting like a clown! I was so pleased to get distinctions for my work. I went on to do a national diploma followed by studying material practice (wood, metal, ceramics and plastic) at Brighton University, majoring in ceramics.” Katie