I would like to say a big thank you to all these beautiful lovely people

Without you I just couldn’t have my own business you have helped me get there!


My AMAZING mummy Marion Netley:  She first of all inspired me to do pottery in the 1st place she is amazingly talented artist /designer.

And without her I wouldn’t even be able to afford a studio….i now have 2 sheds in her lovely back garden.


My best friend and partner in crime Matthew Chapman. Who not only has to hear all about how stressful it is starting my business but he put all his blood sweet and tear into making my wonderful workshops and a new addition lean-to. Not to mention all the kiln hassle’s we have had. Thank you for being so patient with me…..I love you.


Good story

Who have helped me not only with a loan for a kiln but with a grate mentor peter Gray. He always makes me feel energized when I speak to him and has such faith in me. It makes me believe that I could really do this. And introducing me to a wonderful lady Carolyn Peers without her I would have taken another 2 years probably to pull my finger out and make my web sight looking so amazing.

A massive thank you ….I really appreciate all the help you have given me.


A massive thanks to all the hunky strong men that helped me move kilns and wheels in and out my workshop thank you: Adrian, Condie, Laurence, Rowan, joe, matt and uncle dean who helped me build the concrete foundations for my studio. Your all wonderful human beings.


Through exhibiting with good story I meet some extremely talented young men Roy and Dan who mad two awesome video’s for me one for my web site and one for funding Check them out!!!



Dave stock thank you for taking such lovely photos and bringing down all that heavy equipment


I just want you all to know that I appreciate all you have done for me!

And I really couldn’t of done it without you.